Steps in the Collaborative Process

Collaborative Practice

Pro Bono Family Law Project

Step 1: Email to Apply

  • If you think you are eligible for the program, send an email to the law student intake coordinator at the Osgoode Mediation Clinic.  Each spouse must send an email separately.

  • The law student intake coordinator will set up an individual intake telephone call with each of you.

Step 2: Preliminary Telephone Call

The law student intake coordinator will speak with you privately on the phone to:

  • Give you information about the program;

  • Collect some personal information;

  • Review eligibility criteria; and

  • Tell you about the financial information and forms you will be asked to complete and bring with you to your in-person intake meeting.

After the phone call, you will be sent an information package by email.

 Step 3: In-Person Intake Meeting

  • Once both of you have completed Step 2, the law student intake coordinator will send you an email to schedule a date and time for your private in-person intake meeting;

  • You will be expected to bring to your intake meeting photo ID and all of your completed intake package documents; and

  • The law student intake coordinator will review your intake package with you and ensure it is complete.

Step 4: Email from Program Administrator

  • After the intake meetings, the law student intake coordinator will send your file to the program administrator;

  • If your family is eligible for the program, the program administrator will email you with the names of your collaborative team and the date and time of your first collaborative meeting.

Step 5:  First Meeting   

  • You will meet with your lawyer for a private consultation;

  • You and your lawyer will then meet privately with each of the Family Professional and Financial Professional; and

  • If the team determines your case is suitable then you, your spouse and the collaborative team will sit down together to discuss settlement options.

Step 6: Second Meeting

  • You, your spouse and the team will meet again to continue discussions;

  • If a settlement is reached, a written agreement will be prepared.