Collaborative Practice

Pro Bono Family Law Project

Eligibility requirements

You and your spouse/partner must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the pro bono program:

  • Combined gross family income is less than $60K per year
  • Combined family net worth is less than $100K
  • Neither participant is self-employed or owns a business
  • Neither participant has a private, defined benefit pension
  • There is no restraining order or no contact order in place
  • The participants are not currently involved in a family court proceeding
  • Both participants are able to meet in the same room together
  • Both participants have email and agree to send and receive forms by email
  • Participants agree to travel to locations within Toronto for meetings during business hours, as determined by the professional team (the team will try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible)

In addition, you and your spouse/partner may not be eligible for the pro bono program if:

  • Your issues are very complicated
  • There is very high conflict
  • There is currently or has been involvement of police or a children’s aid society

Preference will be given to the most needy applicants.

If you think you may be eligible based on the above criteria, you can schedule a free preliminary intake telephone call with the law student intake coordinator from the Osgoode Mediation Clinic, by email to