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Collaborative Practice Toronto and Osgoode Mediation Clinic’s  Pro Bono Collaborative Family Law Project is a voluntary and confidential program.  Our services are free to couples of modest means who have separated, are not already represented by lawyers, and who would benefit from additional assistance in reaching a settlement that is satisfactory to both parties.​

The Collaborative Practice model uses a team of specially trained professionals who are committed to finding solutions that take into account the highest priorities of both parties and their children.  To learn more about the Collaborative Process,
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If you are eligible for this program, the team assigned to your file will include a lawyer for each party, a neutral family professional, and a neutral financial professional.

The collaborative team will work together with both parties in a joint effort to reach a satisfactory settlement that may include a parenting plan, resolutions regarding financial matters, and/or agreements on support issues.

The process is limited to 7 hours, generally over two meetings. The team of collaborative professionals will not assist either party once the process has concluded, even if no resolution has been obtained.

Applicants will be screened for suitability.  For more information about eligibility and to see if your family may qualify for a free collaborative process,
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For more information about the Pro Bono Collaborative Law Project and to apply to participate, send an email to  Be sure to review the program eligibility requirements before calling.

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A team of professionals helps you make decisions together - and resolve things out of court

​​Divorce doesn't have to be destructive.

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